Missionary Update (LOAF) Love of the Father

Our mission is to seek and save the lost by providing services to women in need. In Haiti, much like in the United States, many young women consider ending an unplanned pregnancy through abortion. This problem is more severe in Haiti, since having a baby out of wedlock eliminates most avenues of financial and social mobility. In Haiti, a young woman with a baby is unlikely to even finish high school, and in Haitian culture there is little or no family or social support for these women. LOAF Ministries works to help such women choose life for their babies in spite of all the surrounding difficulties that could seemingly be waved away by terminating a pregnancy. We provide these women a safe place to come by and talk about their lives and pregnancies, as well as nutrition and prenatal care throughout their pregnancies. We’ve begun providing childcare so that our new mothers can successfully finish school and hold down a job. All the while, we at LOAF are showing the love of Christ and planting the seeds of His gospel in this neglected segment of the population in Haiti. Our program features include: Weekly meetings to encourage our girls and distribute food Prenatal medical appointments and prescriptions Childbirth at the hospital Childcare Late-primary and secondary education (middle and/or high school) Vocational training CONTACT US email: contact@loafministries.international phone: (317) 820-6274 NEW MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 447, Plainfield, IN 46168